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Welcome to Life in a Bubble, your go-to destination for all things bath and shower!

My name is Linda and I am a passionate individual who is dedicated to bringing you only the best quality bath and shower products. My mission is to provide you with an un-forgettable bathing experience that leaves you feeling refreshed, invigorated and rejuvenated.

I use only the finest high quality ingredients in my products, which are carefully sourced to provide you with a luxurious, spa-like experience every time you step into the bath or shower.

At our core, I believe in providing an exceptional customer experience. I value your trust, and I am  committed to exceeding your expectations with every purchase. Whether you are looking for bath bombs in unique shapes, scents, or luxurious soap bars that are gentle on your skin, we have something for everyone.

I built our brand on the principles of quality and customer service, and I am committed to maintaining Life in a Bubble reputation as the best provider of bath and shower products.

Thank you for choosing Life in a Bubble as your go-to destination for all your bath and body needs. We look forward to your next purchase to help you to create a soothing and luxurious bathing experience whenever you need it.

How did Life in a Bubble get started?

My children weren’t fans of the bath.  It became a stressful event in our house and I wanted to turn this negative event into something they were excited for, plus the added bonus of everyone smelling divine.   By looking into various methods, I came across bath bombs and thought this would be an excellent way to enjoy the bath and encourage the kids to ‘take the plunge’. Now I can’t get them out of the bath as they are enjoy it so much! I want everyone to have a fun experience with high quality bath and shower products

Thank you for the support and hope to see you soon!