Fruit Salads Sweets Soap Sponge


What makes them so great:

    • Exfoliating side to remove unwanted fake tan and dry skin
    • Perfect for shower, bath and travel
    • Bursting with scent that will elevate your bathing/Shower experience
    • Handmade in UK
    • Cruelty free
    • Vegan friendly ingredients
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Why not treat yourself to one of our amazing Soap Sponges?

Soap sponges will transform the way in which you wash. These sponges come packed full of our SLS free soap base to give you a fragrant and bubbly cleanse with each use.  The scent is reminiscent of fruit salad sweets which are a mix of juicy fruits such as peaches, melons, strawberries, and citrus fruits with this fruity aroma that lasts for hours.

This soapy sponge is quick and easy to use and is perfect for shower, bath, and travel. It can be used to exfoliate the skin to remove unwanted fake tan and dry skin. Simply wet in the bath or shower and lather up, then leave to dry and keep reusing over and over again.

How to use:  Simply wet in the bath or shower and lather up, then leave to dry and keep reusing over and over again.

Soap tip: Soap sponges are quite firm for the first use, as they are loaded with as much soap base as possible. Once you have used your sponge initially, it will soften and become more flexible over time as the soap base is slowly used with each wash.

How to store: Store your soap sponge as you would a normal bar of soap, in dry ventilated area and out of direct contact with running water or do not leaving it floating in the bath or the bottom of the shower to ensure the sponge last longer (otherwise you are just rinsing your soap away without realising).

Ingredients: Aqua, Glycerin, Sodium Stearate, Propylene Glycol, Sorbitol, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Sodium Chloride, Disodium Lauryl Sulfosuccinate, Titanium Dioxide, Stearic Acid, Lauric Acid, Pentasodium Pentelate, Tetrasodium Etidronate, Parfum, Alcohol, Mica CI 77491 CI 77891 CI 7742 ALPHA ISO METHYL IONONE, BENZYL BENZOATE, LIMONENEALPHA ISO METHYL IONONE, BENZYL BENZOATE, LIMONENE

If your favourite scent is temporarily unavailable, we’ll offer you the choice to pick a different fragrance or wait until it’s back in stock to complete your order


Additional information

Weight 150 g

1 Soap Sponge, 3 Mystery Sponges


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